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Do you want to get experience on real projects and start you career at the international IT company?

InteticsLab is exactly what you need!

InteticsLab is an intensive training course consisting of a small theoretical and extensive practical educational curriculum for 2-4 years students of the technical Universities and graduates of IT courses.

About InteticsLab

InteticsLab blends classroom instruction and live-practicum in real working environment. Experienced project managers and software developers from Intetics will guide you throughout the educational process.

Best InteticsLab graduates continue working in Intetics.

Our Advantages

  • Experienced mentors
  • Individual curriculum
  • Free
  • 88% InteticsLab graduates get job at Intetics
  • 100% of InteticsLab graduates get hands-on experience with commercial projects

Our Graduates

Veronika Kirtsun

Graduate of InteticsLab2013

Started at Intetics as Junior .Net developer

Now Project Manager and InteticsLab Supervisor

"InteticsLab was an amazing experience. It provided me with the opportunity to master my dev skills and get experience at commercial projects. In 9 weeks, I learned far more practical things than I was able to learn over my all University years."

Alexander Pyrkin

Graduate of InteticsLab2014

Started at Intetics as Junior Front-end developer

Now Middle Full Stack developer

"InteticsLab's curriculum is more about practice. When you finish basic theoretical part, you go into 5 weeks of the Live Project stage. This part is really cool. It is a kind of internship in which you are working on a real project in a team with a project manager and other developers."