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        1. Intetics > Predictive Software Engineering > Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

          Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

          Eliminate harmful defects and imperfections

          You can assure the success of your software product. Our Quality Assurance (QA) department and state-of-the-art Testing Laboratory offers a wide range of software testing services capable of meeting the strictest business requirements.

          • QA Consulting

            Thorough analysis and measurable outcomes to attain the best quality for your product

          • Full-Cycle QA

            Experience-driven consulting to enable effective Quality Assurance for your IT engagement, from onset to successful completion

          • Software Testing Automation

            Our test automation specialists can design a sound automation strategy or automation framework for you and provide automation planning and execution.

          • Software Testing

            We use a comprehensive mix of testing tools to realize product requirements, ensure stability under heavy workloads, and meet all of your expectations.

          • Pre-Certification and Compliance Testing

            Our testing and QA specialists design sound strategies for pre-certification and compliance testing of your products, including PCI DSS, Section 508, UK and European accessibility standard, and many others.

          We’ll make sure your systems are error-free

          Intetics QA engineers will make sure:

          • The product remains stable under heavy load conditions and on various system configurations.
          • The final solution will be consistent with your expectations.
          • The product meets the initial requirements.
          • No priority or critical defects are present in the delivered product.
          • Baseline functionality has not been affected during the development process.
          • The product remains stable under heavy load conditions and on various system configurations.
          • Analysis Requirements
          • Software Test Plan (STP)
            • Test Environment
            • Test Metrics
            • Test Design & Implementation
          • Test Execution
          • Defect Management
            (Bug Tracking)
          • Reporting

          Ready to see your software product come to life?

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