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Predictive Software Engineering

We deliver software products the way you want them to be

Intetics is a top custom software development company with over 20 years of experience. Over the years, our team has been accumulating expertise in building custom software solutions, performing system redesign services, and “rescuing” projects. We created the Predictive Software Engineering framework that allows us to tailor projects specifically for our clients and create digital products that fill their needs.

Custom Application Development Services

Business Applications Development Services

On-demand delivery of enterprise level applications of any complexity for B2B and B2C companies

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Mobile Applications Development Services

Development of mobile projects of various scale and complexity from corporate to stand-alone mobile apps

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Custom Web Application Development Services

Creation of responsive, fast, scalable and secure range of web applications from portals to SaaS solutions

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Big Data and BI Solutions

Predictive analytics, ETL, and platform migration project solutions

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Application Migration and Legacy Modernization

Minimization of business process disruption and risk reduction via old systems’ overhaul and re-platforming integration

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Our Quality Control specialists perform all aspects of testing, report any defects, and provide valuable analysis and maintenance for their root causes.

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How we provide the software you need

  • Meaningful Customer Care
    clear client communication

  • Proven Productivity
    tasks performed by industry credentialed engineers

  • Efficient Distributed Teams
    created as per infrastructural/ organizational models

  • Disciplined Agile Delivery
    methodology scaled for the enterprise and adapted for the distributed team

  • TETRA (tech debt reduction platform)
    proves the high quality of the software by means of automated measuring

  • Transparent End-to-End Control
    stimulating the productivity and proactivity of the team

  • Sound Human Resources Development
    sustaining and growing talents


Intetics has been working for over 20 years with a wide variety of platforms, languages, tools, and databases. This has provided us with unprecedented software development services experience. This experience helps our team give you the most comprehensive solutions on time and at a predictable cost.