Code of Conduct

Intetics Code of Conduct underlines the main principles of our daily work ethic. The values emphasized here help us drive quality results, deliver satisfaction to our clients and build professional relationships in our company. For the past 20 years, these ideals have guided Intetics and allowed it to become what it is today. To attain even greater success, it is vital that we rely on and apply these values to our decisions every day.

  • I
    Innovation & Creativity

    We are bold. Creativity helps us find innovative ways and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

  • N
    Noteworthy Professionalism

    We stand out for our skills. We demonstrate our dedication, professionalism, and knowledge in every aspect of our work.

  • T
    Teamwork & Trust

    We trust each other. We build strong, thoughtful relationships to accomplish more.

  • E
    Efficiency & Quality

    We pursue perfection. We deliver quality products by relying on efficient processes.

  • T
    Training & Development

    We ignite imagination. We share our expertise, train our colleagues and learn from them enriching each other professionally and personally.

  • I
    Intelligence & Results

    We strive for success. We use our experience and intelligence to create exceptional results.

  • C
    Communication & Collaboration

    We invite integrity. We make collaboration simple with open and honest communication.

  • S
    Service & Value

    We exceed expectations. We generate lots of value for our clients through our commitment to outstanding service.