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Centers of Excellence
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What is a Center of Excellence?

An Intetics Center of Excellence is a team that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training for a certain focus area. The focus area might be a technology, a business concept, a skill, or a broad area of study.

Intetics CoE Continuous
Training &
Sergey Kizyan

Sergey Kizyan

Intetics CTO

“CoE is a great added value to your usual way of doing IT business. Investments in CoE are investments in future of your business.”

Why you will benefit from the Intetics CoE on your project?

  • Top technical specialists involved on your side
  • Optimum tech stack and solutions chosen for your specific project
  • Software quality and results predictability powered by institutionalized best practices
  • Established standards and guidelines ensure software sustainability
  • CoE members guarantee product compliance with a given business goal

Meet our CoEs leaders

Irina Dubovik
CoEs Program Leader Irina Dubovik

Business Development Advisor

Sergey Terekhov
TETRA Sergey Terehkov

Director Quality Assurance

Why Intetics CoEs are the Best?

  • 1

    They serve as the storage of detailed information and knowledge

  • 2

    They keep and update Information about standards and industry best practices

  • 3

    They operate as an R&D team

  • 4

    CoE members are the industry thought leaders and conference speakers

  • 5

    They consult about the technology and solution stack

Do you want to know how Intetics CoE can improve Your project?

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