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We are a team of talented professionals whose knowledge and skills have enabled us to efficiently satisfy the growing demands of our clients all over the world in the IT sphere for nearly 25 years. We offer our teammates a unique opportunity to reach their potential, to grow, learn and be generously rewarded personally and professionally.

In our company we want everyone to be proud of their challenging and inspiring job. We strive for every one of our employees to achieve work satisfaction as well as personal and professional success.

We offer sophisticated work to extraordinary people. We welcome people with agile minds and innovative mindsets!

Improve your expertise, advance your career, expand your knowledge, and gain confidence by joining our team!

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More Facts About Our Team

700 Employees
9 Offices
40+ Projects
We Make Pauses


Every month Intetics employees drink more than 20 000 cups of coffee and tea in pauses between creating great software for our clients. It is more than 60000 liters per year - such amount of fuel needs Airbus A320 for return flight from Minsk to Chicago.

We Code
  • Java
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Dba

Let’s count the most popular technologies between our professionals

30 We Make Business


Intetics worked with clients from 30 countries of every inhabited continent

We Are

Higher Education Rate

We Are

Average Age


Sq. meters

Size of our development center in Minsk is close to square of hockey playground. Twice of that we have in Ukraine.


per Month

Perks & Benefits

  • Education
  • Career Development
  • Flexibility & Relocation
  • Discounts
  • Sports & Corporate Life

Our team is our strength. Technology is only a tool. It can only achieve its best results if there are thoughtful people behind it. And that’s our goal: create teams of smart individuals to build great software. That is why we welcome talented people and empower them to break out of the comfort bubble and achieve ambitious professional goals. Internal Tech Talks, meetups, Centers of Excellence, Intetics Skills Force, conferences/workshops’ participation and certifications, English classes and InteticsLab – here at Intetics, we developed a number of activities to ensure your professional growth.

Here at?Intetics?we established our proprietary Attestation system for clear career growth. Every 9-12 months we?evaluate?all our employees with the help of the system and if you prove your skills and competencies, you can easily grow from Junior to Senior Engineer or towards Project Manager.

We?assist?you in creating?an individual development plan with clear targets and goals and support you in its implementation.

We follow flexible approach both in management (methodologies within projects and general company’s management) and?in the integration of?new ideas.?Intetics?provides flexible working and work-life balance. Here at?Intetics, we established the Relocation program that supports our employees and their families.

Intetics?partners?a wide range of?shops, bars,quest?rooms, car services, insurance, children entertainment, health institutions and whatever one can imagine. Each our employee may get a significant discount in the partner company.

At Intetics we know how to work hard and play harder! We celebrate big national holidays and our own internal holidays, like company birthday, Summer Party, releases and birthday of GIS department. All our holidays are always carefully planned, fun, full of emotions and completely unforgettable - try it and make sure we know what we talk about.

Active lifestyle is a vital part of life in Intetics. Each office has sport areas where employees can warm up. We offer corporate subscriptions to sport clubs and partially compensate for your sport activities. Sport is also present in every company event. Wakeboarding, quads, slacklining, rafting, laser tag and much more – we are always eager to try new sports during our events!

Careers Blog

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Easy start in IT: what is RPA and how to master the technology from scratch

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Centers of Excellence – the Future of Outsourcing?

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AWS Certification: how to become certified. Personal experience.

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